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That Girl With The Dot Com June 5, 2013

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Have you followed my new page?



Moving! May 20, 2013

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Hey friends! 

I am moving my blog to this address! Please stop by and follow, eventually I’ll be taking this one down.




Growing up as a lifestyle, not an occupation. May 16, 2013

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What’s it mean to grow up anyways? Pay your bills on time, get up for work without being hung over, accepting and handling all responsibilities?

What I want to be is a person who leaves a lasting impression. Someone who, years from now when my name is mentioned, someone says, “Yeah, I know her!” and proceeds to tell a memorable story involving a personal encounter that only I can deliver.

I want for people to be glad that I passed through their lives, whether it be  short or longterm.


I also want to be myself without apologizing. I want people to see who I am despite my visible flaws and accept the human that that’s behind them.

I don’t see myself as a people pleaser, but I do prefer for people to enjoy themselves when they’re around me.

I want to live a life that challenges and inspires me, and everyone around me. I want to want more than what I have, and work to near exhaustion to get it.

I want to be the exception to everyone’s perception of a good or bad person, because I can’t classify my self as either. 

I guess in short, I want to be the best at being me.


Mommy Issues May 12, 2013

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Along with a large population of people my age, I’ve spent a lifetime sifting through my mommy and daddy issues.

Through this, I have come to realize that I have gotten a lot of amazing qualities from my parents.

I have daddy’s ability to quietly watch and access situations.

I have mama’s ability to announce what I’ve noticed without worrying about what happens after I’ve said it. It get’s me into trouble from time to time, but I like to think that it’s more of an act of bravery to say what you’re thinking. Foolish bravery, but bravery nonetheless. Thank God that as I become older, my delivery is much more appropriate and colorful.

Mama with her firstborn, and me with mine.

Mama with her firstborn, and me with mine.

I have both my parent’s sense of humor. They are hilarious.

I have mama’s silver tongue. We spent years on our polyester-ish sofa that my parents brought back from Germany laughing at Eddie Murphy or Robert Townsend. We did a lot of things together, and laughing was a daily occurrence in the McGill house. Weekends that we weren’t busy with sports, we all sat in our den watching movies and television shows on Fox that may have been deemed inappropriate for children our age, laughing our asses off.

I had cool parents. They weren’t the ‘cool’ parents that let you have boy-girl sleepovers or get drunk “as long as we don’t drive” they were cool because they listened to cool music. They had cool interests, and they did cool things together. They had hobbies that fit their personalities and unique talents.

My dad used to bring home to my mother sketchbooks from his job. I remember her always getting excited, and would go to work almost immediately. I don’t ever recall seeing her draw, but she always let me see the sketchbooks after she was done.  She drew things that she was passionate about, and each sketch depicted such personal, sometimes haunting stories that I can to this day see in my mind. I was probably a teenager the last time I saw those sketchbooks, but I’ll never forget the one depicting abuse. I was probably seven or eight when I first saw it, and was always drawn to it. I studied it, studied the shading that she eventually taught me to do on my own.

I wanted to draw as well as she did. To me, everything she drew had life. It could have been just a single object, but I was always inspired to give it a story, a purpose.  My parents bought us all sketchbooks and paints, so I set to work. I couldn’t draw hands or noses, and grew frustrated. I decided I would rather describe them instead.  My sketchbook was full of crude drawings with written stories surrounding them. I didn’t realize until now that my mama was in part responsible for my love of writing. I wanted so much to be like her that when I couldn’t exactly mimic her powerful drawings, I chose to dictate what her sketchbooks made me see instead.

Thank you, Mama.

In seeking the best in you as a child, I was able to bring out the best in me.

I can only hope that in the years to come Blake can find out what’s best in him through his favorite things in all of us.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama.

I love you.


No Friends in High School May 9, 2013

No Friends in High School

When I was younger and larger, I remember going into Hollister once to look for jeans. I asked if they carried size 14. The girl article-1265986-09224A45000005DC-888_233x404working there looked at me like I was crazy and said no. I left the  store nearly in tears.

I was too fat for Hollister. I was too fat for a lot of things, but whose fault was that? Pretty much my own. I was upset that they didn’t cater to my size, but I also was aware that if I were healthy  I wouldn’t be facing the problem.

I can fit their stuff now, but I choose not to shop there. Mainly because I’m not in college anymore, and I think at my age you must have a child with you when you shop.

So today Abercrombie has been all over my Facebook feed because of how he feels about the fat, unpopular, poor, and unattractive.

I took one look at this guy and laughed. Seriously, bro, you’re a JOKE. I mean, call me out if I’m wrong, but his profound quotes obviously belong to someone who is still harboring the shame of not belonging. Get over it. You couldn’t sit with us at the lunch table then, and you still can’t now. One would assume that as an adult he would strive to NOT make teenagers feel like they are misfits, you know with all the bullying and teen suicides, but what do I know? I’m just someone’s mother.

I get the whole exclusivity theory. Sort of. I like owning things that others don’t. Which is why a lot of my favorite items are purchased at antique shops and thrift stores. I don’t buy original stuff cause people can’t fit or afford to buy them, I buy original items because I AM ORIGINAL.

Here’s a piece of advice to someone, obviously friendless who is targeting teenagers and college students:

Market originality, not exclusivity. 

Nothing you have in your store is special, because it smells of the morning after shame of a fraternity party, and you can still hear Abercrombie’s ridiculous music coming off of your $60 henley shirts thirty minutes after leaving. And another thing, there’s nothing original or exciting about being a jerk. Nobody likes them.

This whole thing about burning your clothes instead of donating because you’re too high-class for the poor shows exactly how much class you and your brand have. Hats off, really. That is by far the classiest thing I have ever heard. I promise you, people without clothes aren’t jumping up and down because of the brand they are getting. They are usually just happy cause they have something suitable to wear for school, work, etc.mike-jeffries-scumbag

I will say that in the late 90’s and early 2000’s I was one of those ‘cool kids’ that decorated my walls with Abercrombie shopping bags. My parents refused to spend a ton of money there, so I always left with this oversized bag of two sweaty people making out, with one clearance item inside. Whatever, I was a teenager. I still have a pair of size 12 Abercrombie jeans from back then with a button fly. I kept them for sentimental reasons.

Now that I think of it, I may burn them. They’re too big now anyways.

By the way, Mike Jeffries, I haven’t gotten to say it yet, but you’re a dick. Way to design a brand  around someone who obviously doesn’t deserve to socialize among anyone, no matter how ‘cool and attractive’ they are.  So please get over whatever happened to you when you were younger, and stop thinking that your little clothing store is impervious to the economy. Real adults will take their kids shopping elsewhere, and the rest of us have outgrown (mentally, not physically)  your overpriced, cologne-laced tiny shorts anyways.


My rant for today

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I don’t know how to do this without sounding like a jerk.  Image

But… If you don’t exert yourself in your plans to get healthy, it’s not going to work. I’m sorry. I know I’m going to sound like a self-righteous a$$hole after this is over, but I am speaking from experience.

You already know my story if you’ve read  my blog, if not, click here. I had a hot body until I was about 20 or 21. Then I got really fat. I also became diabetic and spent the end of my twenties on a plethora of medication. I tried diet pills, I tried fasting, I tried drinking body cleanse stuff, I tried colon cleansers.  News Flash: I WAS STILL FAT.

I wasn’t doing enough. I wasn’t trying hard enough. I wasn’t giving myself the opportunity to excel at becoming healthy because I didn’t want to accept that I wasn’t doing it right. So there was this cycle of lose some, gain more.

Everyone’s body responds differently to things, and this is my personal account.



I didn’t receive a bit of positive result until I started working out. I started out small, but I didn’t stop. You can’t stop. Body maintenance is a daily chore that you can either choose to love or hate, but you need to do it daily. From the food you choose to eat, to your activities, you need to work towards being healthy EVERY DAY.  Do you have a rule that you don’t leave your house without mascara? Well add a new rule. Don’t end your day without exercise.

Am I saying abstain from everything you love? NO. Indulgence is natural, and encouraged! I indulge in many things, but I’m also up every morning making sure that I am giving my body the exercise that it DESERVES.

Your body does not deserve to starve.

Your body does not deserve to endure the highs and lows of over the counter weight loss pills

Your body does not deserve to be stationary

Your body for damn sure doesn’t deserve to bear more weight than it should be carrying.

Which brings us to this: What you choose to do or not do is often determined by your mind. You can train your brain to coach you through some things that you didn’t think your body could handle, because you may have never done it before, or it’s just been a while. Either way, unless a doctor says you can’t, you probably can.

Do you think I’m over here enjoying my pushups and lunges? Hell naw! I do nearly 200 pushups a week, and each one is more difficult than the next.  I don’t smile at the mat as I’m coming down and pushing back up. In fact, I don’t smile until I’m done, drenched in my own sweat, and the color of a chocolate covered strawberry. I smile even bigger when I’ve recovered and realize that I can do more the next time.

When my legs start burning towards the end of my run, my brain chimes sometimes in “ Hey, you did good. You did all this stuff today. Let’s stop” My brain can be a wimp. I can’t even tell you how many times I have cussed out my OWN brain for trying to make me do less than what I think I can do.

Living an unhealthy life has given a lot of us (myself included) the opportunity to stop when things get ‘hard’. It’s not just in the gym, it’s life in general. Before realizing what all I could do, I was half-assing my entire life. I had a ton of things written that I never finished, my house was always a mess, and most things that required extra thinking or work went undone. 24 hours in a day is plenty of time to better your life.  Would I like a few extra hours to tie up some loose ends? Sure, but I always have tomorrow.

My main theme today is: Stop limiting yourself. You can, and you won’t until you do it. Motivate yourself to give your body the health it deserves, and take pride in yourself for doing it. Take pride in the fact that you are reaching milestones and surpassing them.

Do it the right way; it’s the only way to get the results you need.  


Full Plate! May 8, 2013

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Where have I been? What have I been doing? Why haven’t I been writing?

Oh, I’ve worked hard on so many things that I can’t wait to share when the time is right!

First of all I received the opportunity to write music reviews with a great local magazine here! In addition to being published, I have gotten some much-needed guidance from a seasoned writer. She has helped me so much that I’m afraid to look back at what I’ve previously written because I’ll find a million mistakes. Image

As for my workouts? I currently kicking my ass by myself, because my partner came home with a blood clot after gallivanting in Thailand and won’t be joining me for a month,  and of course she does this as I introduce my new morning routine:


This workout doesn’t just push me physically, I am mentally challenged every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I hate push ups, yet I do 60, that’s right friends, SIXTY a day. I do the same amount of lunges as well. I am doing three sets of nine routines, all with dumb bells but two. After the first week of being sore on my days off, I found that I was recovering quicker and I could probably handle doing something Tuesdays and Thursdays. I also took last week off running until I could see how much this was going to take out of me.

Since I’m pretty limited on time, I am splitting my runs up. On my circuit training days, I will run a quick mile before, then run another after the training is over. Weird, today I actually ran my second mile faster than the first. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be reserved for my 5k runs.

So, today I learned that I’m stronger and capable of more activity than I thought. I just don’t have enough time.

Now that it’s May (you couldn’t tell with this weather) I have completely lost interest in the treadmill and want to run outside. I learned that I’m not even running my treadmill runs as fast as I can because I can still picture myself face-planting if I trip up. If you have ever fallen on a treadmill, you will never forget it. The pain is gone, but the scars and shame are still very real to me. We have a couple of beautiful places to run anyways. I need to get out!

Have I lost any weight? Nope. Am I upset? Nope. I look good and I’m strong. I’ve got a wedding in a month and a trip to Destin the month after. By July, I want a smaller stomach, and by June, I want more defined arms and shoulders (I’m wearing a strapless dress). I’m two weeks into my new routine, and I can’t wait to see what four to six weeks of this does for me.

If you wanna try out the Spartacus Workout, click here.  I had to sign up for a free month, but I’ve paid for stupider things. Plus, Women’s Health is one of my favorite sites, and I really don’t mind paying them to make me better. It’s cheaper than a real personal trainer.

This week is our first softball game and I can’t wait. I haven’t played since the baby was about 6 weeks old. We went to batting practice with two other married couples this week and had a blast. I’m starting to like the life we are building here. With our new friends and activities, we  may not travel to see our out-of-state friends as much, but we have to make ourselves at home eventually right?


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