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Pinterest Pipe Dreams Realized January 9, 2013

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I love Pinterest, and so do a lot of my friends. I get on to either pin things or see what other people have pinned. I pin everything Zoolander Onesiefrom recipes, to things I want to buy or build, and workouts. If I really like an item, I actually follow the link to buy it, but sometimes the item isn’t even available anymore. Those make me angry. I think that everyone should check the validity of their pins before posting to their boards, to prevent me from falling in love with an adorable Zoolander Onesie on Etsy, then when I click through to buy, it’s gone. I seriously spent over an hour looking for that onesie, and it’s nowhere to be found! Seriously, if someone knows where I can buy this onesie, please let me know!

Last weekend after spending months ‘pinning’ items, I finally decided to complete one of the many projects that I pretend that I’m going to do. I actually did two.


Finished  Baby Food

This is the finished job. Not too bad!

The first one that I completed was making your own baby food. I spent about $5 and made enough food to last over a month.  I pureed peas,carrots,squash, and sweet potatoes, then put them into ice cube trays to freeze. I was really excited to finally use the food processor that I had to register for when we got married.. I first tried to just mash then I got this vision of the baby choking on pea skin and did my best to liquify everything. It took me about an hour to do, and even for me, the mess wasn’t too bad. I did find squash debris IN my bra, and my good OJ Simpson t shirt is stained, but I knew I would ruin something in the process.

You can click the picture to get to the website. It would have worked out so much better if I had splurged and not gotten the cheap ice cube trays.. I planned on popping them out of the trays and storing them in a bowl between wax paper.  They have been in there for about four days now. I guess they are fine where they are..

My next project was a recipe. It was this crescent roll thing with eggs, bacon, and cheese. I made it a little more exciting by adding onion, spinach and red pepper. It totally didn’t come out looking the same as the picture, but it was delicious! It says to bake it for Bacon Egg and Cheese Crescentabout fifteen minutes, but I actually had to bake it for about twenty, because the bottom wasn’t done yet. I won’t even show what mine looked like, but in my defense nothing I do ever looks like the finished picture. Basically, you lay the crescent rolls on a pizza pan flat, with the big side pointing in, and the points going out, so it looks like a star. You cook everything beforehand, then pile everything in the middle and fold the dough over.

Yeah.. looks NOTHING like the picture..

Yeah.. looks NOTHING like the picture..

My next plan is to do workout plans that I have been pinning. I gots to take baby steps though. I’m just glad I managed to do two things in one day!


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