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When I wasn’t looking, I got fat. January 10, 2013

Growing up I was very active. I played softball all year round, basketball in the fall and winter, and track in the springtime. I lifted weights and ran regularly when I turned fourteen until I graduated High School. I even played softball in college. I always had a muscular body, and weighed between 128-130lbs.

When I stopped playing softball,I started living a regular college life of eating bad, drinking, and not working out. I literally didn’t notice when I got bigger. I would eat three double cheeseburgers, imitation crab meat in melted butter soup, or mayonnaise and feta cheese. I would eat 2 packets of Ramen at the same time with half a stick of butter. I really love butter.  By the time I was 23 years old, my 5’4″ frame weighed about 185.  I still didn’t notice that I was fat. I just thought I had huge boobs. Since I was so distracted with those, I basically ignored my gut and gigantic thighs.

I was so delusional about my weight that I was wearing bikinis when we floated the river. I can only imagine the things people thought when they saw me, floating down the Illinois River bonging beers, looking like a busted can of cinnamon biscuits. I can’t believe none of my friends tried to stop me. Thanks a lot guys. The least you could have done was suggest one of those bathing suits with skirts.

Well, when I turned 26 I stated dating my husband and we started playing softball together. He got me a gym membership and I worked out, but not as much as I should, nor as hard. Because I hadn’t changed my diet I wasn’t losing weight. We decided to do something drastic and get HCG. I ate 500 calories a day, and got down to about 169. The week of our wedding I didn’t follow the diet, and on my wedding day I had to be sewn into my dress because I had gained about 10lbs in a week. So much for the starvation diet. I was back to square one.

We still drank a lot, and suddenly I found myself getting very dizzy the morning after a crazy night out. I went to the emergency room a couple of times and was prescribed an anti-anxiety pill. I didn’t get any better. If they had checked my blood sugar, they would have known that I was actually diabetic. Instead of working on my diabetes I was just taking pills for anxiety, because the doctors didn’t think to check despite the fact that I was overweight.

So here I am, overweight, diabetic, and for the first time in my entire life I don’t feel attractive. I stare at myself in the mirror and get depressed. I actually start having anxiety because I feel trapped in my body and lack the motivation or real energy to handle my problem properly, despite having years of training. I had hit a wall.

Then I met Tonya Beineman. I originally thought that I would go into her office, and she would hand me some diet pills to keep me from eating, then I would finally lose my weight.  All of my friends who have seen a ‘weight doctor’ never say anything about getting tests ran. They just walk in, get their pills, then go about their day.

Tonya actually ran tests for me to see where my hormone levels were. It turned out that I actually didn’t need diet pills. I needed Vitamin D and B12. It actually worked out in my favor because I didn’t really like the way diet pills felt when I took them. I lost about fifteen pounds, and was able to get pregnant after struggling for a few months. She encouraged me through all of our visits, really focusing on my diabetes and hormone levels, and after my son was born I weighed ten pounds less than I did when I got pregnant.

Now that I am ready to return to the gym and continue with my weight loss journey, I would like for you to join me. I know it won’t be easy, but I am ready to finally lose the weight that held me down throughout my twenties. I am ready to  be the person I once was, confident, athletic, and strong.

Visit  Fort Smith Medical Center

Check out their Facebook!

Feel free to comment or follow! I need all the help I can get..

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6 Responses to “When I wasn’t looking, I got fat.”

  1. nbaker16 Says:

    I think it’s awesome you’re documenting this and asking for accountability! I love reading blogs, especially ones written by funny people like you!! : )

  2. Kassie Says:

    U can do it shan’t pants!!!! Proud of u!!

  3. Heather Tiger Says:

    Excellent post! You are awesome and will rock this journey! I’m on a similar one of my own and have been debating on seeing a dr to get some help. I’m working out 4-5 days a week with a great group of girls in the morning and it is awesome. We should totally get together sometime (being so close and all) and have a playdate and mommy date! Keep it up.

    • Thanks for reading, Heather! I am really looking forward to being more athletic again! Check out Fort Smith Medical Center if you get the time, they have a Facebook and a website that I’ve posted on my blog. She will definitely get into the root of the problem before coming up with your solution! Good luck lady, and send me your number so we can hang out sometime!

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