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Take THAT, Pinterest! January 18, 2013

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So my husband has a love for linen pants. He has gone through a few pair so far, and I got him some a couple of weeks ago when I saw him trying to leave for golf wearing pants with a giant hole in the crotch. Seriously, if he were to strike the Captain Morgan Pose, his cojones would have tumbled out of there.

Anyways, he says they are a little large in the waist so he decides to shrink them in the wash, unbeknownst to me of course. So he pulls them out of the dryer and suddenly my 6’5″ husband has Danny Devito’s capris.  pants

Now, on a normal day I would Pinterest such a disaster and come up with a solution. They kept saying ‘stretch the pants’… ‘Stretch the pants’

Well, he decided to go to dinner with a friend, leaving me with a dirty kitchen and teething baby, so ain’t nobody got time for that.

I decided to do this:

  • Get pants super wet.
  • Put 5lb weights in the pants and tie them off with ponytail holders
  • Hang in the doorway, and let dry overnight.

Voila! Daddy’s pants are perfect!

My next plan of action… Getting bottles to clean themselves…


2 Responses to “Take THAT, Pinterest!”

  1. janet Says:

    Thank you for the tip, my husband did the exact same thing. .Oh and you had me cracking up!

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