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My First Weigh In January 23, 2013

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I had my first meeting with Tonya at Fort Smith Medical Center to get my measurements and weight, as well as my blood test results. I was so nervous that my blood pressure was high!

I weighed in at 175, I would be upset, but that was three pounds less than when they weighed me two weeks ago. I’ll take it! My digital scale at home said I was 169 in the morning, so I have decided to end my obsession with my scale and be surprised when I go in for my monthly weigh in.

We took some pictures, and I forgot to wear makeup, I always forget to wear makeup, so please ignore the fact that I’m not wearing a sufficient amount of eyeliner. I think I look pretty decent for 175 and not having a torso and legs to speak of.

January 2013

January 2013

January 2013

January 2013

I really don’t care too much about my weight, because I know that it will be basically what comes with the choices that I make for a better lifestyle. Besides, you don’t get strength from being skinny. I have big plans of being frightening and strong this softball season.  This is my big plan for success. I’m a person that thrives on forced structure, and I found that going to the gym already knowing what I was going to do has really helped me. Otherwise, I would be wandering around, messing with the music on my phone, looking like a pretend gym member. You know the type, sitting on the exercise bike texting, or sitting on a machine texting.. Ugh.


For years I was an elliptical junkie, because I was AFRAID of running. In my head, running was hard. I conveniently forgot that I made the conscious choice to run track in high school, and participate in basketball which I was terrible at. Where I came from, we didn’t even have a track. We had  a sand pit that we ran in. Literally a giant sand pit. It was painful and challenging, but I had a bangin body to show for it. You should have seen everybody’s calves.   Thanks, Coach Kirk.

I stay away from treadmills because of a little accident I had. I’ll set the scene for you. My boyfriend at the time (who is now my

January 2013

January 2013

husband) and I were working out in his apartment gym. I have my headphones on, listening to Outkast and running on their teeny tiny treadmill. I was a lazy runner then, and would only run a mile then stop. Or run ten minutes, then stop. Well I was in my groove, practically sprinting, when I decided that I’d had enough after my mile. A regular human would slow down the treadmill to a stop, I am a superhuman. I decided to JUMP off of the sides. I’ve done this before on a larger treadmill and it’s fun. I look really cool when I do it, and I wanted to look impressive.. All 185lbs of me. Sooo impressive, right? Well I try my little jump trick and my legs get caught and I fall on the treadmill. I am holding the bar and being drug. This whole time ‘So Fresh and So Clean’ is blaring in my ears. Out of nowhere, my future husband lifts me from behind and saves me from further humiliation. My knees are scarred, bloodied, and STILL scarred to this day. Someone even comes in to see if I’m okay. I am completely mortified, and vow never to step on  a treadmill for the rest of my life. I’ve tried to get on recently, but start having a panic attack when I speed it up.

Moving to the present, I spent the last weeks of my pregnancy talking about playing in a tournament. Everyone told me to be careful. Pssh. I’m a superhuman. I do what I want, and it always ends well, right? WRONG.  Two weeks after Blake was born I play in 108 degree weather after spending about 4 weeks indoors. I go up to bat, hit the ball, then faceplant in the batters box. Somehow I make it to first base anyways, but that’s cause in real life I hit what should have been a triple.

Moving on, I am doing the Couch to 5k workout before I lift weights. I run Monday-Saturday. People don’t have to do that, I just like the time to myself.  I also like the way I feel afterward, now that I’m actually working hard. The first week will leave you a little sore, but that’s what a workout does. It shouldn’t be easy . Not every day day is painful, I have days where I feel like I am kicking my workout’s ass, where other days it’s beating mine like Ike Turner .


To me, this is the fun part. Strength is fun, strength is sexy. I lift Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and do three sets of everything at 12 reps. Three sets of ten is fine too, but there is something about those extra two…

Anyways, I switch off from arms to legs, and will eventually start an ab workout. I have to admit that I tried one the other day from Women’s Health and got fatigued and upset. I’ve decided that it’s going to take me until Monday to mentally prepare myself for it. If you are looking for workouts in general, that is definitely the place to go. Its designed for us, by us! Haha FUBU.

My workout:

Bench Press

Leg Press (kinda like squats)

Hip Adductor/Abductor (thigh machine)

Lat Pull ( That bar thing that you pull down)

That thing that you hold and pull your arms together. When I find out what it’s called I’ll change the description..

I increase my weight after a week of weightlifting. It makes me for a sore day or so, but there are ways to relieve soreness.


Notice I didn’t say ‘diet’. I’m not on a diet, I’m finally eating what I should have been eating in the first place, before I decided to give myself diabeetus. I don’t mess around with diet sodas or anything like that, because it’s not the real thing. I also don’t eat margarine, because I don’t think it’s real food. I still eat butter, but in smaller quantities. I don’t just melt it in the microwave and float things in it anymore.  My meals consist of simply this, protein and vegetables. I  used to carb count to keep my blood sugar normal in be beginning, but then I found that counting is only necessary when you plan on eating a ton of  carbs in general. What I eat has very little or no carbs and sugar. I still plan to indulge at times, but in moderation, whatever that is.  I’m done with fast food. I only eat it in my car anyways, because no one can see me do it. I have this assumption that if no one saw me eat it than it didn’t happen. My car is so disgusting right now.


When I first had Blake I didn’t need my diabeetus meds because I was so full of insulin from the pregnancy that my blood sugar had settled at a good place. Instead of being excited and maintaining it, I got excited and drank like 3 bottles of wine a week because I could finally drink again. Seriously, there were so many empty bottles of Coppola Pinot Noir lying around the house that I decided to Pinterest ways to decorate with them. Of course, these bottles sit unused in a random spot in my house. Another Pinterest Pipe Dream. What 30-year-old decorates with empty bottles of alcohol anyways? Whatever, when I finally work on the project, it’s gonna look super classy and grown up. I ‘m going to take a drinking hiatus, until Valentine’s Day when my husband takes me out to a very nice dinner. A VERY NICE DINNER. I’m going to see how well I handle a month without a hangover. I’m not saying that my days of making a fool of myself in public are over, I have weddings in April, June, and September to attend, not to mention bachelorette parties. Don’t worry, friends, 2001 Shannon will be waiting and ready in the wings. In fact, by then maybe 2001 Shannon’s Body may show up, at least a small portion..

In conclusion, my plan for this, is to have a plan. A good detailed plan that I can’t stray from. I’m making playlists to keep me busy that I will share soon.

I’m not doing this alone, and I am so grateful for that. The encouragement  that I have gotten from my buddies at Fort Smith Medical Center, my friends and family has been so overwhelming (in a good way) that it feels like I’m being hugged all day long. Thank you all so much.

For more information on Fort Smith Medical Center 

Make sure to visit and like their Facebook too!!


6 Responses to “My First Weigh In”

  1. Kassie Says:

    U can do it shanny pants!! 👍👍👍

  2. Tierra Keys Says:

    Go girl!!!!!

  3. Heather Tiger Says:

    Chest Press, I think is the name of that machine that you were trying to describe! You look great and I commend you for all your bravery in the posting of your pics and info. I so wish I was closer to a gym and able to afford one cause I soooo miss weightlifting. But for now I get my butt up EARLY and meet with my FAB girls and workout. Keep up the awesome work!

    • I wish you were closer too, Heather!!! Are you in Roland? Cause the gym I work out at is right on the other side of the river, very close to downtown! But gym memberships do burn a hole in your bank account. Us together is about $65 a month, but you better believe I utilize every bit of it now!

      • Heather Tiger Says:

        Muldrow. I’m working on increasing the income so maybe soon I can indulge my desire to be a gym rat again! LOL!

  4. heather schade Says:

    I did almost the exact same thing on a treadmill when I was 13 yrs old, I’m still scarred and have not stepped foot back on one!

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