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Jumping off the Wagon January 28, 2013

Filed under: Diabeetus and Metabloism — SideShowShannon @ 1:21 PM

We spent the last weekend in Little Rock visiting family. I went there knowing that I would break my plan of not drinking until Valentine’s Day, but if we are going to Little Rock, you better believe we had to hit up the Flying Saucer!

So, after polishing off a club sandwich, a plate full of fries, and two beers I passed out for three hours. I went to our hotel room with plans to put the baby down, but I was the only one who went down willingly. A few hours after that we had Mexican food. Three cheese enchiladas and a side of refried beans, with an untold amount of chips and queso left me not only smelling gross (my clothes reeked of restaurants) but bloated and tired.

After  weeks of eating clean I felt like a bowling ball was in my stomach! To make matters worse, my little bad habits didn’t stay in Little Rock, they followed us home. The little boy across the street came by selling candy bars.. We bought five and in the first 10 minutes of our One Tree Hill marathon I had eaten two. Two 400 calorie candy bars.I should have looked at the nutrition facts before eating because I think I would have probably stopped at half, or maybe even let Randy have all five. Either way, I was burping up shame chocolate for the rest of the day.

Seriously, how can a tiny candy bar  have so many calories? I have put together entire MEALS with fewer calories, and more filling! I guess I should really be asking myself how I can waste so many calories on something that took me so little time to eat, and left me hungry halfway into my show. While Randy moved on to popcorn I had to sit there chugging water and cursing myself for being such a glutton.

I stayed up until almost ten last night having a mini panic attack over the weight I probably gained, and the progress that I may have ruined. I imagined myself showing up for my weigh-in a couple of weeks from now and having no significant change. I’ve seen enough Extreme Weight-loss episodes to know the shame in that. What I hate the most about that show is that the only people who usually do that are the women. The guys attack it and do this amazing job, while us women manage to get caught up in our emotions and disappear into a sea of chocolate and Pinot Noir, and blame it on our crimson wave. I miss wine so much.

I made up for it tenfold this morning though. I gave myself the punishment workout of a lifetime today. I was that sweaty person in the gym that should have carried around a towel but wasn’t. My fro seriously had sweat droplets just perched and waiting for me to shake them free..  It was the worst time for that too because suddenly EVERYONE with a gym membership decided to come in Monday morning at an attempt to rekindle that New Year’s resolution that they had already started neglecting. So here I am, dripping all over the place and practically waiting  IN LINE to get on the thigh machine.

My lesson for today? I’m strong. I can make myself work hard, but if I’m not careful I can get caught up in the neighbor kid’s candy bars. Something tells me that a structured meal plan is an order.


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