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Strength in Numbers January 31, 2013

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Remember when you were a little kid and they would spend a day discussing sticky situations that children can get into when there are no adults around? I remember most of them, but the one that traveled through life with me was “Strength in Numbers”.. I was rarely allowed out after dark in our neighborhood unless one of my brothers were with me, and for years, some adult was telling us kids to ‘stick together’..

I genuinely love wandering around alone, mostly because there isn’t anyone around to talk me out of doing something. In fact, half the time when I choose to do something I only ask whoever I know can’t or won’t stop me from my diabolical plans to join.

When it comes to working out, I usually preferred to do it alone because I have music to listen to, and thoughts to think. I also get very annoyed when people interrupt what I’m doing while I’m on a roll.

Despite my rigid rule of working out alone, I have worked out with a friend for the last two or three weeks. Every day, we are there, she would run on her treadmill while I ran the track, afterward I would lift weights, (she doesn’t lift) but Tuesday and Thursday we work our abs mercilessly.

She was fully aware of my treadmill fear, and my public declaration to never use one for the rest of my life, but she talked me into it yesterday. I actually RAN on a treadmill for a couple of miles without falling. I survived, so I decided to do it again today.

Thanks to my amazing friend, I was able to release my fear and embarrassment of The Incident of 2008, and for that I am thankful. Also a little proud of myself.

It feels good to do something that I said I was too afraid to do. Because of that, I know I was getting a more efficient workout.

This morning both of us went in feeling awful. I had a headache, and spent twenty minutes crying after Blake fell off of the couch. I was sitting with him while he had his bottle, and while I went to the kitchen for literally four seconds, he was facedown on the floor when I came back. He was more startled than hurt, and while he may have survived The Great Couch Fall of 2013, I felt guilty. I got on the treadmill red-eyed and with a headache, and really didn’t want to be there.


I ran the hardest that I have run in a while. By the time our ab workouts were over, my headache was gone, and I no longer felt like Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom.

No wonder people have workout partners. Without having her there to push me into a longer plank, lower lunges, and faster scissor kicks I probably would have just rode out my bad mood and half -assed  the entire morning.

Not only am I sore, I am happy. If you want to up the intensity in your workout, find a good buddy to endure the pain together. The accountability and encouragement might be just what you need to accomplish your goals.


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