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It’s a Celebration.. February 5, 2013

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Daddy and Blakey do Dallas

After a refreshing weekend in Dallas with my friends I came home Sunday feeling heavier, but motivated. So motivated that after being in a car for nearly four hours I took off to the track where I ran outside with a friend.  I haven’t successfully ran on a track since the old days when I was healthy, in shape, but terribly lazy.

It took me all these years to realize how negativity really influences the outcome of most of my activities. I spent all this time telling myself that something was too hard, or that I just flat-out couldn’t do it.  I have told countless people how running wasn’t my thing, and in my head I guess I thought that I would die if I tried to exert myself or something. Well, I am still living, and better than ever!

I went and worked out Monday but I went in feeling so negative. I worked out hard, but the entire time I was just complaining in my head, telling myself that I wasn’t going to reach my goals, even imagining that I would have gained weight when I go in on the 15th. Just beating myself up while I was running on the treadmill and lifting.  I continued berating myself in the shower, and on my way to my house. I’m not sure why, either. By the time I got to my house I was near tears, and writing a note to Randy telling him all of my accomplishments, but making them sound like complaints. At the end of the note, I put. I am at the end of my rope.

I read the note again, and thought to myself, why am I so upset? Why do I spend so much time agonizing over a failure that I have not even experienced yet?

I have worked out at least 5 days a week since the end of December. 2013-02-04_08-33-58_366

  • I have more than doubled all the weight that I lift. Some things I have increased by 50lbs. 
  • I can run over two miles without stopping now. In the beginning I was running 30 second intervals and dying after
  • Soreness is a distant memory. My body recovers quickly to the point that I am not suffering despite my intense workouts

Dripping wet, with a chocolate covered strawberry face.

I made some changes to my note. Instead of worrying about where I think I need to be, I should start celebrating how far I have come. Oh, and you see where that note says 15 minute miles? Yeah. I beat that shit today. First mile, 11 minutes. Second, 10..  When I realized that I could actually run faster than I was running, it completely changed the way I see this. I am actually looking forward to running tomorrow. Plus, I’m using the Nike Run app. It’s really cool.


2 Responses to “It’s a Celebration..”

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  2. Megan Keck Says:

    I hate when negative thoughts invade my head when working out, like I’m never going to be 20 year old thin again or my thighs are probably disgusting the other gym goers. Instead I should remind myself that I look ok for nearly 30 and I’m going to look better if I stick with it. Realistic expectations and not beating myself up are the goals for the week!!

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