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But… It’s Ke$ha March 8, 2013

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My guilty pleasure is Teen Mom 2.  I know its ridiculous, but I just get a kick out of watching young girls make fools of themselves on television without knowing.  Kinda reminds me of myself, except I didn’t accidentally get pregnant by some guy I was dating. I also don’t have any known videos floating around of me being stupid. I hope. 


I live to watch Jenelle (Juh- Neyll in Barbish) Evans. She is the biggest train wreck on the planet and doesn’t even know. Her little tantrum about not being able to smoke pot really pissed me off,  but that’s what a dumb teenager does. She really topped herself when she  told her attorney with a straight face that she couldn’t take jail time over probation because of the Ke$ha concert. I watched it like 50 times, and laughed just as hard as I did the first time. Her attorney is looking at her like, “did this kid just say this shit on television? Is she serious?” I can’t believe he didn’t ask her, or at least shake her really hard for a couple minutes. But she presses charges on anyone that breathes on her funny so I guess he didn’t want to get into that mess.


I would continue to ridicule that moment in MTV history  except that Wakarusa is coming up and Dispatch is playing.


Let me set the scene: It’s 2004 or something, ,and I am up late with a friend listening to Dispatch and really feeling it. Just talking about how awesome they are, and how they really speak to me, you know?  This friend and I made a solemn vow at around 4am that if Dispatch ever got back together, wherever we were in life we would go see them. 

They got back together to do that Madison Square Gardens show.. I missed it. 


This is a couple of years before the tragic death of Michael Jackson and Prince’s retirement, and I now know the feeling of regret. I have to do this. I really need to go, for my own good. 


So how does a mother of an 8-month old baby and wife tell her family that she needs to skip out for four days to watch Dispatch with a friend?  I have been rolling this over and over in my head and haven’t come up with a good argument, except to say..



It’s not about the festival, it’s about the BAND….


Seriously though. I’m 30. I’ve lived an exciting life that I’m glad to have survived.  I honestly feel that if I don’t see them play, I never will have that chance again. I have to go. I don’t know how many times I need to say this. 


So to my loving husband, my understanding husband, who has watched me morph from irresponsible 20-something  to doting wife and mother… Please let me go to this show. I know music isn’t your thing, but it definitely is mine, and I would love to just experience a night to see these guys play together before something happens that might cause them to break up again.


Maybe I should do one of those Facebook pictures that say, “ If I get 10,000 likes, my husband will let me go to Wakarusa. I know better than to do that. I clog my friends Facebook feeds with enough crap as it is. 


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