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Finally, a Meme of Truth! March 8, 2013

Finally, a Meme of Truth!

The author of this has never given birth.

But, really, making a drastic change that causes you to lose 20lbs (the current weight of my 8 month old son) isn’t something that just happens.

People see those before and after pictures, but you never see the in-between pictures of the person sweating their balls off, bent over vomiting from a hard run, or waking up in the middle of the night with shoulder pain from push-ups, pull-ups, and burpees.

All you see in the commercial is, “Oh, hey! I took these pills then my muffin top went away! I was really homely and depressing, but after I took these pills I got hot and blonde!”

Um. no. Let’s be real here. Those first couple of weeks of working out aren’t amazing and life changing. If you never work out, you your body will be really sore. There isn’t a montage playing your favorite song that shows you doing stuff, then by the end of your song you suddenly have your high school calves back. If 4:30 were enough time to get hot again, there would be a lot more hot people.

It’s not easy, and it doesn’t get easy. It get’s better, that’s for sure. The mornings that I have to miss with my partner throw my day off completely. I may leave the gym sweaty and slightly sore, but my strength and recovery time improve.
I did lose over 20lbs without exercising after I gave birth, but it wasn’t until I started exercising that I began to see a real visible change in my body and health.

So, take your pills, drink your shakes. Get your Nutrisystem (I actually want to try this because I don’t want to cook) and Weight Watchers. Do whatever it is that you want to do to reach your goal. Just don’t forget to exercise.

It wouldn’t hurt if you had a weight loss montage song too.

Here’s mine:


2 Responses to “Finally, a Meme of Truth!”

  1. Brittney Lee Says:

    I did Nutrisystem for about 4 months. Most of the food is gross. Like, I lost weight because I took 4 bites and threw it away, gross. And you still have to eat fruit, veggies, and proteins along with many of the meals. Like for lunch, you have their meal, 2 oz. protein and a veggie….so you still have to cook the protein and veggie. Or at least that’s how it was 3 years ago when I was on it. It isn’t very convenient at all.

  2. I thought I replied to this but it disappeared! I’m glad someone I know has tried it, I would hate to spend a ton of money on food that I won’t eat.. I guess I’ll go back to pinteresting healthy freezer meals…

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