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Moder…what? April 18, 2013

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ImageI learned a lot of things in the last month.


I can’t stop from living my life, and my life will continue to throw obstacles in my way. I just need to figure out how to control how I react to them.


My obstacles? Alcohol.


Alcohol was once a great friend, and confidant. Alcohol has been present in my life regularly since college, and while I regret few things, I have had more than my share of overindulgences. When I was younger, I literally sought blackouts, I worked toward them, and was incredibly successful in being a drunk.


I had this mentality with drinking until after my son was born. So I basically drank to get completely wasted until I was 30. WOW.  You would think after gaining 80lbs and becoming diabetic I would have realized where my problem was.


It finally occurred to me when I started working out, and not having time to actually drink. I didn’t have time to be hung over anymore, so I stopped really drinking. When we would travel to see our friends, I would get the opportunity to drink, and I would come back 2-5lbs heavier. It’s insane. I seriously gain weight from drinking alone.


It’s gotten to the point where I get nervous about my exciting weekends with my friends because I know that in two days, I’m going to cancel out everything that I do during the week, and I work HARD. 


Is it worth it?


The time I spend with my friends is well worth it. I live for those weekends.  I just hate the guilt that I feel Sunday when I come home and weigh myself. I hate that it takes about a week for me to get BACK to where I was before.


So what am I going to do? I’m going to be the least drunk person there from now on. I’m also going to make sure I get up and run, because I won’t be hung over. I can’t be counterproductive because I want to party. 


I can still have fun without a huge bar tab and a hang over.  I may have even more fun than I know. 


Growing up is hard. Moderation is something I never planned on becoming familiar with, but I suppose if it helps me reach my goals, I can employ it in some aspects of my life.


See you girls in Austin this weekend. I’ll be the one that will carry us home. I could use the exercise anyways. 


2 Responses to “Moder…what?”

  1. denmother Says:

    It’s a battlefield. My strategy (and I’ve fallen off the wagon once already) is to not drink at all during the week. Well, Monday to Thursday. Friday through Sunday are fair game, but I still need to do work on weekend moderation. Cougar life is tough!

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