Solving My First World Problems, One Day At A Time

Making my great life better..

My Life January 6, 2013


I’m Shannon.

My days go by lightning-fast, and I love it. I’m navigating my way through my thirties, marriage, motherhood, and my career without a compass.

My biggest opponent in achieving my goals is myself. Literally, my arch nemesis is me, dressed in a horrible outfit. I have seen me at my best, and struggle daily to return to the hard working, ambitious person that I used to be.

I  blatantly ignore the fact that I entered adulthood years ago, and find myself grasping for the days when I used to walk around in a cloudy haze listening to music and thinking thoughts.

I take baby steps, and with the help of my amazing friends and family I always land on my feet.

I wanted to write before I could spell. I started out with my own Barbie- inspired magazine that I drew (horribly) but had scandalous tales that only a six-year old could dream up for my favorite doll and her group of buddies.

In addition to a love for sandwiching words together, I was always passionate about music and until it ‘got weird’ my younger brother and I hosted our own radio show with our real and imaginary friends as special guests.Hensley7

Sticking with my roots, I attended Northeastern State University pursuing a journalism degree where I was a contributing writer for the Northeastern, a guest DJ for The Quah, the school’s radio show, and an anchor for NSU’s television news show.   Because I’m interested in all things media, I interned with Tandem Arts films as an assistant editor and extra for The Rock n Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher.   This movie went on to receive many awards in the independent scene.

I jumped at the opportunity to join the realm of advertising after pursuing an exciting bartending career. Through advertising I strengthened my lifelong affair with words.

In my spare time I listen to music, do things I said I couldn’t before, and spend time with the loves of my life, my husband Randy, my son Blake, and Yorkie-Poo Achilles.


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