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My Body January 8, 2013

Wellness, not weight loss!


I will be a stronger ball player and runner, and ultimately become freed of all diabetic medicine!  In addition to my workouts and healthy eating, I am seeking help through Fort Smith Medical Center. I go in monthly to discuss my accomplishments and any issues from the previous month. 

I also want to create a body that can somewhat comfortably sustain pregnancy. I definitely want another child, but I want the luxury of taking that  gross glucose test. I want to go through this experience safely, and with the knowledge from my first I want to maybe not drive my husband and everyone else insane.

Although I am over preachin’ wellness over weight loss, you better believe I’m keeping track of my progress! The sweet reward to controlling my blood sugar and following a healthy lifestyle is a new beautiful body, self-confidence, and a happier me!

To see my updated measurement charts,  click here

To see my body’s progression, click here



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