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My Hair January 8, 2013

THIS is what I am supposed to look like.


I spent over half of my life revolving around the expiration of my relaxer or weave. Thousands of dollars were spent to change  and hide the way I naturally looked to the point that I had no idea what my ‘real’ hair looked like! I never felt truly beautiful because I had to change how I looked completely to get to what I thought beauty actually was.  It took a lot of courage but I finally cut ties with relaxers and hair extensions and began to really discover myself through the Big Chop.31644_1437509185157_7806821_n

Big Chopping is the process of cutting all of your relaxed hair and starting over. It was scary. My husband fell in love with and married a girl with 16-inch extensions, not a 2 inch afro. Without all the hair to distract me I realized that I was hiding more than just my natural hair. I was changing my hair often to divert from my real problem, which was my declining health. Once I was stripped bare of long, flowing, straight hair, I began to really look at myself. I didn’t like what I saw, and after some work, I can now say that I like what I see again.

 I am just as much maintenance as I was before, but I’m impervious to all weather. Seriously, my fro is stronger than rain, shine, humidity, snow, anything. So many things about my natural hair make my life easier.

Do I ever want long hair again? Absolutely. I just want it to already be mine. 

Click here to watch my hair grow!


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