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Growing up as a lifestyle, not an occupation. May 16, 2013

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What’s it mean to grow up anyways? Pay your bills on time, get up for work without being hung over, accepting and handling all responsibilities?

What I want to be is a person who leaves a lasting impression. Someone who, years from now when my name is mentioned, someone says, “Yeah, I know her!” and proceeds to tell a memorable story involving a personal encounter that only I can deliver.

I want for people to be glad that I passed through their lives, whether it be  short or longterm.


I also want to be myself without apologizing. I want people to see who I am despite my visible flaws and accept the human that that’s behind them.

I don’t see myself as a people pleaser, but I do prefer for people to enjoy themselves when they’re around me.

I want to live a life that challenges and inspires me, and everyone around me. I want to want more than what I have, and work to near exhaustion to get it.

I want to be the exception to everyone’s perception of a good or bad person, because I can’t classify my self as either. 

I guess in short, I want to be the best at being me.


I can see it now… April 18, 2013

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wpid-2013-04-17_08-03-54_904.jpgThis morning I weighed 161. I weighed last week with the doctor and was 165, meaning I lost like a pound in a month.

But I can see that I look different, and I LOVE it. 

I blame the low weight loss on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.  I drank a few of these weekends, and it never helps. I don’t want to stop living my life in general just to get down to a goal weight,  I never planned on being that friend that stays sober. I never was before, but I guess I’ll be just be less drunk.

Eating has gone well. Since I started these new meds my appetite has decreased. Sometimes I crave fried chicken or a cheeseburger and I don’t deny myself all the time. I still look at Ben & Jerry’s to see what’s new, and I’ll even pull it out of the freezer section, only to return it after walking around with it in my cart for five minutes.

Our workouts are great. We made this Binder Full of Workouts (see what I did there?) so we have a ton of variety that keeps everything fresh. I run faster miles, and longer distances.  Back in December I was struggling with 60 second jogs. Now, I’m running over 3 miles without stopping.  I’m turning into a beast, and I love it.

I definitely attribute my running to my Nike Running App (find me at sideshowshannon or Shannon Hensley). Seeing my progress motivates me, and it holds me accountable for what I’m doing. Maybe I should have lost more weight than I did last month, but I also ran a little less this month. I got complacent some weeks, and didn’t work as hard.  I also tackled my treadmill anxiety  and ran faster. I usually can’t run faster than about 5.5 without getting nervous. I can vividly picture my chin hitting the treadmill and dragging, and it makes me slightly stumble every time it flashes through my brain. I can now run 6.0 without getting nervous!

I tried on swimsuits and made myself upset because I was looking at the wrong style. I made this whiney little post, then deleted it after I found one that fit me and looked great. I am bound and determined to get into a pinup bikini by July. I may be rockin a sexy tankini until then, but hey, it’s hot!

After shopping and realizing that I no longer fit into large sizes, I went home and tried on pants. I found new outfit combinations from my closet that made me very, very excited.  I am into pants and shirts that I was holding onto from my early twenties for sentimental value, and I’m glad to welcome them back into the fold!  On a sad note, all of my summer dresses now are shapeless sacks on me.  All too big.. So sad, looks like I’ll have to buy new ones!

So from this month  I am very proud of:

  • Blood sugar regulating
  • Willpower in food
  • Increase in strength
  • Continuing to work out every week
  • Visibly looking thinner
  • Fitting into new clothes
  • My hair is getting HUGE!
  • Increase in CONFIDENCE

My goal for this month is to THINK. Really think. Think about what I did each day, and think about what I can do better the next. I also want to write a lot more.  I want to make sure I am continuing to observe everything good, in and around me.


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