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My body betrays me once again… March 20, 2013


So THIS is what it’s come to… I have had horrible knee pain lately, and my knee pops. I also deal with shoulder pain. I’m looking for advice: any runners have suggestions on knee pain? Something that doesn’t require prescription pills?image


2 Responses to “My body betrays me once again…”

  1. Alli Noël Says:

    I just visited with a chiropractor and asked him about knee pain because my knees pop too and hurt. He said that it could actually have to do with your pelvis or other parts of your body. He explained that he calls the knee is the ‘middle child’. Your hips move around in many directions and your feet move around in many directions, but your knee is in between and pretty much just does one motion. If your other bones, muscles and ligaments are not aligned correctly or are loose, you could be forcing your knees to work in ways they were never meant to move. I would suggest a chiropractor to find out what is going on with your body and/or physical therapy so you can learn some exercises to strengthen your knees. In the mean time, those stretchy, elastic knee supports can help to hold everything place in your knee when you run and remember not to over-train. As for shoulder pain, the same tips that I just gave can also be utilized. Make sure your posture is correct when you run because if you are using too much of your upper body your shoulders can start to hurt… you want to run more from your core. Always do lots of full body stretching after you run! Hope this helps a little. 🙂

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